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For service providers

Let the cycle tourists know that they can find in your service only quality and that you will take good care of them and their bicycles

The quality certification of cycling friendly services is meant for accommodations, restaurants, camp sites as well as tourist attractions. We are searching for partners who can provide perfect ambient for cycle tourists and their bikes. Our public benefit company Partnerství, o.p.s. has been certifying businesses since 2005 and guarantees its quality.

Why to join the Cyclists Welcome certification?

  • Your business will became part of a European service network with the only national certification scheme of quality service for cycle tourists in Czechia.
  • Our logo as well as the certification per se are well known among foreign cycle tourists as a symbol for quality service on the cycle tourism market. If you reach the international standard of service your business will gain international prestige.
  • You will be joining international trade mark with long tradition. Our certification Cyclists Welcome has been on the Czech market since 15 years and more than 25 years in Germany known as Bed and Bike. 
  • Thanks to targeted promotion linked to our certification you will get attention of cyclists, cycle tourists and e-bikers.

How do I join certification Cyclists Welcome?

  • Your business has to fulfil specific criteria – for each category there is a set of obligatory and additional (at least 3 or 2 in case of tourist attractions) criteria.

Our brand Cyclists Welcome is a protected trademark and it can be used by certified services only or another subject which informs about it (this subject uses the trademark in combination with the name of the certified service) or which describes the certification Cyclists Welcome in general (in that case with text „The certification Cyclists Welcome is administered and guaranteed by Partnerství, o.p.s., the owner of the trademark).

Interest in certification

Interested in joining our certification? Please send us your contact details, we will check all necessary information and will contact you within 3 working days. This is an unbinding inquiry.


Promotion of certified services

We want that the cycle tourists recognize at first glance that in the selected service they and their bikes will be taken care of. We select the certified services carefully, mark them with a logo and promote them online, in printed maps and in field.

Criteria for accommodation

(hotels, guest houses, apartments, cottages ...)

Basic requirements, mandatory

  1. Accommodation for one night
  2. Offer abundant energy with low fat breakfast (on request Guest yoghurt, muesli, fruit)
  3. The possibility of washing and drying clothing and equipment
  4. Lockable room / storage boxes for free bicycles
  5. Providing basic tools for simple repairs bikes
  6. The possibility of washing bicycle, basic washing facilities for bikes
  7. First aid kit
  8. Information point Cyclists Welcome

Complementary offer for accommodation, min. 3 items required

  1. Luggage and bike transport
  2. Mediation of quality rental bikes
  3. The possibility of buying lunch packages
  4. Provision of essential spare parts for bicycles
  5. Sale of cycling and hiking maps of region
  6. Offer recommendations for day trips by bicycle in the neighborhood
  7. List of accommodation options in the region which are suitable for cyclists
  8. Booking service to ensure the continued accommodation that provides services for cyclists
  9. Internet access
  10. Foreign language information materials
  11. Possibility of recharging e-bikes.

Tips for perfect bike parking – bike racks

Examples of suitable bike racks

Examples of unsuitable bike racks

Tips for perfect bike parking – bike storage

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