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Sázava cycle route

 230 km  6 days

Along the river of romantics

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Along the Sázava river from Bohemian-Moravian Highlands to the confluence with Vltava river

Trail detail

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 length 230 km
 elevation 2346 m
 decline 2798 m
 duration 6 days
 highest point 715 m
 lowest point 205 m
Regional Sázava cycle river route is signposted as 19 and begins not far from the Sázava source. The entire length to its confluence with Vltava River near Davle is 236 km. The upper part of Sázava River in the hearth of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands is characterized by amazing nature sceneries of Žďár mountains. Via Nové Město and through  MTB bike arena "Vysočina arena" you will reach  Žďár n. S. with the UNESCO protected church of St. Jan Nepomuk on Zelená hora, which has a palace and interactive museum. The most rewarding part of the route is between towns of Sázava and Přibyslav on former railway with numerous water mills. Then, you will hit the river in Havlíčkův brod again, where you can visit Museum of Vysočina. In Lipnici n. S. visit the monument of writer Jaroslav Hašek and in Ledeč visit local castle. In Zruč there is a Rafting museum. The Gothic castle Český Šternberk is visible from a distance. Here the route leaves the river again and comes back near Poříčí. The rolling hills also continue from Týnec n. S. (castle) via Jílové and down to the confluence of Sázava and Vltava rivers near Davle. Sázava is one of the most popular Czech rivers for canoeing. We recommend to reserve 6 days for the cycle journey and to use cycle friendly businesses „Cyclists welcome “along the entire route“.

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