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Elbe cycle route

 380 km  7 days

1.300 km full of surprises from Giant mountains to the North Sea with a detour via Prague

©Richard Nebeský

Welcome to one of Europe’s most varied cycling routes. Come with us on a journey exploring nature, culture and lifestyle.

Trail detail

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 length 380 km
 elevation 654 m
 decline 326 m
 duration 7 days
 highest point 1.320 m
 lowest point 115 m
Nature, culture, lifestyle and many other adventures: there’s always something going on along the Elbe cycling route (Labská stezka). Discover this fascinating river and its many attractions with us. From the North Sea to the Elb Sandstone Mountain to Elbe lowlands you can experience 1.300 km of diverse and almost untouched nature of floodplain forests. Cycle along one of the most fascinating European river and discover Gateway to Bohemia or confluence with another Bohemian rivers Vltava (Moldau) near Mělník. Discover medieval towns in contrast with lowlands and rock formations of Bohemian Switzerland. Get to know history, architecture and nature in unique symbiosis. Visit historic sites, military fortresses, romantic chateaux, try out traditional handcrafts, get on trains, ferries or boats. The Bohemian section of the Elbe cycle route stretches over  380 km (plus 80 km detour to Prague).The route is signposted as national cycle route 2 and with Elbe cycle route logo as well as European routes EuroVelo 4 (Lázně Toušeň – Kolín) and 7 (Praha – Dolní Žleb). If you wish to visit country´s capital Prague, turn in mělník onto the Vltava cycle route 7 and via Kralupy n. V. you will reach Prague. In order to rejoing the Elbe cycle route after the Prague visit follow the EuroVelo 4 route from Prague to Lázně Toušeň back on the Elbe. In Germany the Elberadweg is signposted with the logo. The surface of the Elbe cycle route is mostly paved, many new sections were built in recent years as cycle paths. Thanks to the minimal elevation and dense network of cycle friendly services "Cyklisté vítáni" the cycle route can be visited by all categories of cycle tourists including seniors and families with kids.  
For your cycle holidays along the Elbe cycle route in Czechia reserve 7 days and utilize cycle friendly businesses „Cyklisté vítáni“  along the route.
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