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Criteria for eating establishments

(restaurants, wine cellars, pubs)

Basic requirements, mandatory
  1. Adapting to the needs of cyclists of drinks, the menu at least one refreshing "cyklonápoj" fruit or herbal tea. Price must not exceed the price of other soft drinks and beer
  2. On the at least one hot and one not fried vegetarian food during the entire running time. The tender must include a meal with low fat
  3. High-quality, preferably covered, parking space for bicycles and luggage in sight or locked guest room / storage boxes for free bikes and luggage
  4. Providing basic tools for simple repairs bikes
  5. First aid kit
  6. Information boards Cyclists Welcome
Complementary offer for catering equipment, min. 3 items required
  1. The possibility of buying lunch packages
  2. Trilingual menus
  3. Offer local gastronomic specialties
  4. Special Offer Menu Cycle
  5. All-day opening hours
  6. The possibility of drying clothes and equipment
  7. The possibility of washing bicycle, basic washing facilities for bikes
  8. Provision of essential spare parts for bicycles
  9. Sale of cycling and hiking maps of region
  10. Offer recommendations for day trips by bicycle in the neighborhood
  11. List of accommodation options in the region which are suitable for cyclists
  12. Internet access
  13. Foreign language information materials