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I.Criteria for camping (tent, caravan and cottage)

Basic requirements, mandatory

1. The defined area and a separate tent for cyclists and other non-motorized guests

The purpose is to separate zone for visitors to camp without a motor vehicle from the zone of shared space for camping and parking of motor vehicles at the same time. The ideal solution is clearly separated zone camp for those camping grounds without a motorcycle and cars, and for those who have their vehicles parked at the place of tents, huts, etc. This separate area must be clearly marked on the plan and designated camping on site. If the parking of vehicles dealt with separately, in the defined parking outside the accommodation zone, no separation zones for cyclists and other "non-motorized" guests merit. If you run a chat room for a settlement without tents, please contact us.

2. The surfaces of the tents must be grass, preferably smooth and plane

The purpose is to identify areas for tents, which allows comfortable sleeping in a sleeping bag. The ideal is straight, smooth and grassy area that is regularly maintained and mowing.

3. And parking options near the tents, bike, bicycle parking in the camp without charges

The purpose is to enable cyclists to safely shut down the tent area at the wheel when it is necessary to build a tent and unpack the. Parking bikes in the camps must be free of charge. In the immediate vicinity of the tent area is a suitable place stands or rests ("U" frames) on the wheel to which it is possible to lock a bike frame.

4. High-quality, preferably covered, parking space for bicycles and luggage in sight or locked guest room / storage boxes for free bikes and luggage

The aim is for all guests to ensure adequate space camp and way of storing bicycles, particularly in terms of safety. It is best to clean, securely locked room in the camp, allocated only for bicycles, equipped with suitable racks or hanging hooks. All locations for bike parking should be provided with an eye to individual wheels lock, or even separate cages for expensive wheels.

5. The possibility of washing and drying clothing and equipment

The purpose is to always offer our clients the possibility of washing and drying clothes as a complete service provided by the camp and within 24 hours. A possible solution is to provide a washing machine washing and drying room for clothes. If this is the only mandatory criterion that can not meet the equipment, please contact us.

6. Providing basic tools for simple repairs bikes

All cyclists, camping guests must be provided with basic tools and a suitable space for its own repair minor defects on a bike, or for replacement parts. Depending on the availability of service and your bike from the camp to be considered for the repair of equipment that is available to guests. Solution is unsuitable tools in the shop manager or owner of the camp. Tools for repairing bikes must be set aside and held in a portable package and available on request. If you are unsure about the quality or technical specifications of the required tools, please contact us.

The basic, minimal tools:
1x bike pump for all types of valves (bicycles, motor and presta), 1 centrklíč, riveter 1x, 2x mounting lever to remove and attach the mantle rim, 1 pliers, flat screwdriver 1x, 1x Phillips screwdriver, set stranových keys (numbers 6 to 15), set of Allen (numbers 3-7), 1 electrician's tape or a few joints, 1 set of bonding

Complete kit including spare parts suitable for remote areas:
1 pump, 1 pump make the tubes - 3 species, 5 valves - 4 species, 1 repair kit for the soul - 5 patches, emery, glue, patches 5x - 4 types (sizes), 3 tube - glue, emery 3x, 3x lever assembly with 1 tool which chain, 3 chain clamps - 3 types, 8 tubes for MTB, trekking, road bikes - 8 basic types, the apex 25x - 5 kinds of spokes, brake blocks 10x - 5 species, 3 wires for the front derailleur and rear derailleur - 3 species, 3 wires for the front and rear brakes, 1 set of wrenches from 1,5-12 mm centrklíč 1x, 1x pliers, wrench 1x medium, 1x hammer 750 to 1000 g, 1 flat screwdriver - medium, 1x Phillips screwdriver - medium with 2 narrow and wide tape, electrical rychlosvorky 15x, 1x chain oil, grease, 1x, 1x cotton fabric - non-woven fabric, 10x key - always two pieces Cone No. 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17 -18

7. The possibility of washing bicycle, basic washing facilities for bikes

Host camp must have space available, water source and tools for self-cleaning wheel. Minimum is a bucket, mop and brush. If you have given the availability of space or space for washing bikes uncertainties, please contact us.

8. First aid kit

The purpose of the criteria is to ensure the necessary resources for treatment of injuries or any current health problems campsite guests. The best solution is a first aid kit with advanced equipment, especially equipment for treatment of injuries in accidents typical for cyclists (abrasions, lacerations, and suspected fractures) or a first aid kit. Recommended equipment bag is a solution that is especially useful for a doctor in unexpected situations and remote areas, he does not own the equipment. Kit for cyclists is to be organized in a portable package.

Recommended equipment to remote areas should be located in a mobile backpack:
1 scissors, 1 hydrogen peroxide, 1 Septonex, 1 Traumastem Dev. - Haemostatics to stop bleeding, 1 Traumastem powder - haemostatics to stop bleeding, 2 non-carbonated table water 0.5 l, 3 Duonet 50x75 - sterile pad cover, 3x Duonet 75x75 - sterile pad cover, 3x Duonet 100x100 - sterile pad cover, 3x Duonet 150x370 - pillow cover sterile, 5 Duonet S2 - ready sterile dressings, 5x Duonet S3 - finished sterile dressings, 5x Duonet S4 - finished sterile dressings, 3x compression 3pcs 5x5 s - sterile cotton material to cover the wound, 3x compression 7,5 x7, 5 s 3pcs, 3x compression 10x10 and 3 pieces, 3 pads 12/12 s 3 pieces, 3 pads 14/16 and 3 pieces, 3 pads 20/20 s 3 pieces, 1x Rescue - set for major bleeding, 2 scarf ivy fractures, 1 isothermic foil 3x set of patches three sizes, 2 surgical gloves, 2x patch in the wheel, 3 non-sterile bandage 3 sizes, 1 pocket mask - a tool for artificial respiration, 1 cervical collar - vacuum, 1 plate - upper limb vacuum, 1 plate - upper limb vacuum 1 pump for vacuum splints

9.Information Point Cyclists welcome: news and information about services for cyclists

The purpose is to create a clearly marked location offers focused information-designated for cyclists Cyclists welcome. The aim is to give cyclists and less-known but interesting places where it makes sense to go. Prepare a presentation of their region, which is to bring the device back.

The ideal solution is tasteful board, file or box in a prominent place in the entrance of the device, fitted as standard supplied with the necessary header data and maps of the area, supplemented by publicly accessible Internet to identify all the necessary information. If existing site information is not possible to locate other required information must be clearly stated where and how additional information is available, even if such information is provided via a computer connected to the Internet. Instead it is necessary to identify a standard header Cyclists Welcome supplied with the certificate.

Content of the information space:
  • range of services provided device - comes in three languages​​, along with a standardized header and Cyclists welcome certificates, it is essential information for visitors to know the scope of services
  • map of bike routes in the area, basic advice and recommendations for cyclists - maps can be spread on the walls or stacked as usual tourist maps and leaflets, advice and recommendations concerning the types of trails, information points of interest, ie the general recommendations for the surrounding cyklovýjezdům
  • contacts on the bike rental and repair shops in the area - list paths to the location, address, fast contact
  • connection by train or boat from place to another cycling goals - especially train and bus services (lines cycling buses) which bikes can be transported, the larger rivers, there are ships carrying passengers with wheels
  • important phone numbers, help on the road - emergency number and description of trojjazyčným locally important numbers: the nearest hospital, the nearest ambulance and internal tooth, a local taxi, etc.
  • Weather forecast the nearest days - can provide the daily press, the internet service of the equipment or
  • contacts to interesting places in the neighborhood, the TIC - most of the points that relate to neighborhood contacts and charts can meet regional information leaflets and catalogs, most are freely available in information centers, where you can take it to the device
  • guest book for cyclists - guest book for cyclists should serve to convey impressions and experiences of traveling, browsing in a long time or worse weather; guest book may be available near the information point or with the reference that will be issued upon request
If the client is free and freely available computer with internet, you need not duplicate information placed on the location information in printed form. Information Point in this case must contain instructions on how to get online, and best addresses where the weather, traffic information, offer regional tourist destinations and the like.

10. Contract for certification Cyclists welcome

The contract establishes the rights and obligations of both parties, ie the Environmental Partnership and operator of a certified facility and provides the operator the right to use trademark Cyclists are welcome to promote active object cyclists and tourists. Contract is executed in three copies - 1 for the operator, 1 for 1 and Foundation Partnerships for local evaluator (auditor certification compliance).

II.Criteria for camping (tent, caravan and cottage)

Additional services, min. 3 items required 

1. Offer sitting at tables near the tent area, if possible, sheltered

The purpose is to offer guests comfort in tents sitting at tables. The best solutions are benches or chairs with backrests and tables located under the hood near the tent area.

2. To allow visitors to camp cooking equipment

The purpose is to offer guests the opportunity to camp to cook your meals on camping equipment. Ideally, separate kitchen open to users of the camp, where, in addition cookers also available basic utensils, upon request, kettle and microwave oven. Of course there is access to drinking water.

3. Minimal possibility of buying food

The purpose is to provide users with the opportunity to buy a camping staple food in the camp or its immediate vicinity. The ideal solution is to store food as part of the base camp, which is open most of the camp operation.

4. Adequate lighting of access roads in a tented area

The purpose of the camp is to provide lighting at night for a safe journey to the bathroom facilities and camping. The best solution is shielded lamps that do not disturb quiet night, but the orientation and provide safe walking after dark.

5.The possibility of renting tents, cottages, bungalows, etc.

The purpose is to give visitors the chance to sleep other than in your own tent.

6. Luggage and bike transport

The purpose is to provide a form of self service or mediated transport luggage to and from camp.

7. Provision of essential spare parts for bicycles

The purpose is to offer right in the camp spare parts for most common types of bikes and disorders. The offer to purchase spare parts is informed by a guest spot on the information. The information should be supplemented offered assortment. The ideal solution is to offer basic sizes of tires, tubes, valves and brake blocks. It may also be offered the brake cable, and various types of spike lights on your bike (drinking bottle with the logo of camp guests may also enjoy). Greater range is meaningful only in devices that are very far from cities with professional cykloopravnou.

8. Sale of cycling and hiking maps of region

The purpose is to offer right in the camp area cycling maps, ideally within a distance of about 50 km from the camp. The tourist maps offer the guest is informed of the location information. The information should be supplemented offered assortment. Sales of maps can not be confused with the offer of information materials are available free of charge in the TIC.

9. Offer recommendations for day trips by bicycle in the neighborhood

The purpose is to offer cyclists right in the camp with sufficient information to select routes for day trips on the bike. The ideal solution can be considered its own information materials, which are marked with areas in the base camp. Suitable materials may also be issued to such local information center. The minimum solution can take the form of large wall maps overlaid transparent sheet on which you can designate an alcohol marker starting circuits and facilities.

10. List of accommodation options in the region which are suitable for cyclists

The purpose is to offer cyclists a list of equipment certified system Cyclists welcome, or other appropriate facility, if the few certified. The ideal solution is cycling maps, which have contacts for certified buildings in the region contain.

11. Booking service to ensure the continued accommodation that provides services for cyclists

The purpose is to provide guests with a full booking service, ie, providing accommodation services in the next place of stay / overnight. Providing recommendations for further accommodation is certified facilities and accommodation booking instructions guest, or looking for alternative accommodation and recommendations.

12. Internet access

The purpose is to provide guests with unlimited internet access. The best solution is to approach guests online connected PC located in areas of social facilities. The room should be open without restriction. Another possible solution is to own Wi-Fi network.

13. Foreign language information materials

The purpose is to provide guests with basic information about their own and others' services and tourist attractions in various languages ​​- at least 2 more languages. Sufficient solution can also be made ​​available to foreign language versions on the computer with the internet if the internet is accessible in the building for free. For foreign languages ​​can be considered in addition to all Slovak, especially English, German, French and languages ​​of neighboring countries, Polish, Hungarian. The criterion can not be met by providing a wide range of foreign language materials, written for a purpose other than to provide information to guests of the local canteen and the region (eg, foreign language materials - books about the history of the city or on local attractions, etc.)