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Criteria for camping

(dwellings, campsites ...)

Basic requirements, mandatory
  1. The defined area and a separate tent for cyclists and other non-motorized guests
  2. The surfaces of the tents must be grass, preferably smooth and plane
  3. And parking options near the tents, bike, bicycle parking in the camp without charges
  4. High-quality, preferably covered, parking space for bicycles or lockable room / storage boxes for free bikes
  5. The possibility of washing and drying clothing and equipment
  6. Providing basic tools for simple repairs bikes
  7. The possibility of washing bicycle, basic washing facilities for bikes
  8. First aid kit
  9. Information boards Cyclists welcome: news and information about services for cyclists

Additional supply for camps, min. 3 items required
  1. Luggage and bike transport
  2. Offer sitting at tables near the tent area, if possible, sheltered
  3. To allow visitors to camp cooking equipment
  4. Minimal possibility of buying food
  5. Adequate lighting of access roads in a tented area
  6. The possibility of renting tents, cottages, bungalows, etc.
  7. Provision of essential spare parts for bicycles
  8. Sale of cycling and hiking maps of region
  9. Offer recommendations for day trips by bicycle in the neighborhood
  10. List of accommodation options in the region which are suitable for cyclists
  11. Booking service to ensure the continued accommodation that provides services for cyclists
  12. Internet access
  13. Foreign language information materials