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Resort Radslavice - kemp

Sportovní 360, Radslavice
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It is modern centre in the middle of Moravia.

 Sportovní 360, Radslavice
It is modern centre in the middle of Moravia.

Resort Radslavice is lovely place to spend holidays either for tourists or cyclists who are keen to learn more about central Moravia and also for those who want just have a rest and relax in peaceful environment. There is main cycling route of Moravia called “Amber Cycling Route” nearby which connects you with other local or long distances cycling routes.

Up to 20 persons.
4 sites for caravans
2 cabins
2 rooms
A separate zone for tents for bicyclists and non-motorized guests
Preferably grass surface, smooth and flat
Bicycle parking near tents, no-fee policy for bicycles
Bicycle storage (coverable) in reach of guests, lockable storage/boxes for free bicycle and luggage parking
Offer the possibility to wash and dry clothes and equipment
Provide basic bicycle repair tools for simple bicycle repair
Provide space with basic equipment for bicycle cleaning
First Aid kit
Information board Cyclists Welcome
Availability of picnic areas near the tents, possibly roofed or covered
Possibility of cooking in kitchen facilities
Adequate lighting of access roads within the camp site
Rental options for tents or bungalows
Offer of one-day bicycle trips in the surroundings
Internet access
Information materials in other languages
Recharging e-bikes


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