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Ostrov - Infocentrum Na Zámku

Jáchymovská 1, Ostrov
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The dominant part of the old town is the Ostrov Chateau, which after reconstruction in 2014 became the seat of the Ostrov Municipal Office and the Na Zámku Information Center.

 Jáchymovská 1, Ostrov
The town of Ostrov is home to 17,000 residents. Its history dates back to the 13th century. Located in the Karlovy Vary region, about 10 km north-east of the town of Karlovy Vary, it lies on the River Bystřice at the foot of the Ore Mountains, below Klínovec Mountain. Indeed, it is often referred to as the gateway to the Ore Mountains.
The local railway station on the route from Cheb to Prague  bears the name Ostrov nad Ohří.
The historical core of the town is a heritage zone with buildings ranging in style from the Romanesque to the Gothic, the Renaissance and the Baroque. A new part of the town was built
in the 1950s in the traditionalist style known as social realism.
The dominant feature of the old town is Ostrov Château, which, following renovation work in 2014, became the seat of the Ostrov Municipal Office and the Château Information Centre. A permanent exhibition of locally made porcelain by the famous porcelain factory Pfeiffer & Löwenstein Schlackenwerth can be seen in the vestibule of the château. Exhibition rooms in the loft area contain an exhibition about the prominent Šlik family containing a national cultural relic - the Šlik coin case. The Castle grounds include the renovated Palace of Princes, the seat of the Ostrov Municipal Library and Letohrádek, a branch of the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery. Known as the eighth wonder of the world in the 18th Century for its uniqueness, the adjoining château park became a model for many European gardens. It connects to a historical complex of monastery grounds, a sacred area where social events, concerts and exhibitions are regularly held.
The town's rich cultural programme is popular not only with the local residents, but also with visitors from far and wide. The Ota Hofman Children's Film and Television Festival is an event of nationwide fame with tradition spanning more than 50 years.  

A number of interesting cycling routes lead around Ostrov. They are described here http://cykloportal.ostrov.cz/cz/cyklotrasy. Tourists will find two information centres in the town, one located in the château building and the other in the Cultural Centre on Mírové Náměstí Square.

Château Info Centre Information services:
Tours of exhibitions located in the château grounds Recommended trips in Ostrov and its surroundings Selection of brochures for Ostrov and its surroundings Bus and train timetables
Information on accommodation

Other services:
Public internet access, Wi-Fi connection
Sale of small souvenirs, maps, publications and postcards.

Bicycle storage (coverable) in reach of guests, lockable storage/boxes for free bicycle and luggage parking
Provide basic bicycle repair tools for simple bicycle repair
First Aid kit
Information board Cyclists Welcome
Offer of one-day bicycle trips in the surroundings
List of "Cyclist Welcome" accommodation options in the region
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