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Kemp Stříbrný rybník

Lhotecká 183/95, Hradec Králové
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Relax, well-being, peaceful rest, but also activity, sport and adrenaline.

 Lhotecká 183/95, Hradec Králové
Relax, well-being, peaceful rest, but also activity, sport and adrenaline. You can experience all this in the Stříbrný rybník Camp. The ideal location of the camp in the immediate vicinity of the Hradec Králové city forests will offer you the opportunity not only to sunbathe on the sandy beach or have fun on the water surface of Stříbrný rybník, but will also provide far more actionable alternatives.

When you no longer enjoy lounging, you can go cycling or in-line skating to stretch your body around the circuits in the city forests or walk the nature trails with a pleasant walk through the forest and stop at the game enclosures. You can "pump" adrenaline into your veins directly in the camp in the rope park, where you will find outdoor and rope activities for all ages. You can then calm your mind by the water while fishing or in the woods, where you can go picking blueberries or mushrooms. Exactly according to the motto of the Hradec Králové Municipal Forests, you will be just a "STEP INTO NATURE".

Come to us to gain strength and energy and discover forgotten adventures and romance of summer camping. Take a break, enjoy the presence of your loved ones and enjoy the magic of the moment. We look forward to meeting you at the Stříbrný rybník Campsite…
A separate zone for tents for bicyclists and non-motorized guests
Preferably grass surface, smooth and flat
Bicycle parking near tents, no-fee policy for bicycles
Bicycle storage (coverable) in reach of guests, lockable storage/boxes for free bicycle and luggage parking
Offer the possibility to wash and dry clothes and equipment
Provide basic bicycle repair tools for simple bicycle repair
Provide space with basic equipment for bicycle cleaning
First Aid kit
Information board Cyclists Welcome
Possibility of cooking in kitchen facilities
Rental options for tents or bungalows
Offer of one-day bicycle trips in the surroundings
Internet access


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