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Hotel Formule kemp

Pěší 113, Děčín 33 Nebočady
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Hotel and camping in Formula Nebocadech lies in a strategic location on the Elbe cycle route, which connects Prague and Hamburg.

 Pěší 113, Děčín 33 Nebočady
Hotel and camping in Formula Nebocadech lies in a strategic location on the Elbe cycle route, which connects Prague and Hamburg. Welcome you here very nice people who strive to offer the best service. You can choose from hotel rooms or build your tent in a nice lawn in an adjacent camp. Either way, you can also enjoy a swim in the large outdoor pool, where you would definitely sunny days stayed the whole day. The hotel restaurant offers you a lot of good meals of Czech and international cuisine, choice of salads and fish dishes and relax with a meal you can garden terrace. Trips can take away along the Elbe River south to Usti nad Labem, north to Decin, or any of the nice cut a "wrench" in the south and east do PLA Czech Middle Mountains, after which you will be rewarded by overcoming unique views. In Decin towards Germany continues Elbe Elbe cycling spectacular canyon, lined on both sides of the high wall of steep sandstone walls. Furthermore, in Saxony, is followed by cycleway directly fairyland. In this wonderful trip you will pass by and say hello liners and cargo ships, with Ferry boats take to the village Hrensko raft right on the border and observe colored dots (climbers) zdolavajici vertical walls high above the river on the opposite shore. You will have a great opportunity to discover for themselves PLA Elbe sandstone and then the National Parks and Czech Saxon Switzerland is famous for its mysterious rock towns and castles, deep forests and beautiful valleys. And if you wanted to make a day of rest and visit the Venice on the Elbe, to neighboring Dresden here is really just a bit. Of course a visit Usti nad Labem, Decin and its castle, which is incidentally also a certified facility for cyclists, or open-air museum of folk architecture in Zubrnice well worth it! Do not hesitate and come to you also love this unique part of Bohemia, into which you will always be happy to return again and again and discover it for yourself!
A separate zone for tents for bicyclists and non-motorized guests
Preferably grass surface, smooth and flat
Bicycle parking near tents, no-fee policy for bicycles
Bicycle storage (coverable) in reach of guests, lockable storage/boxes for free bicycle and luggage parking
Offer the possibility to wash and dry clothes and equipment
Provide basic bicycle repair tools for simple bicycle repair
Provide space with basic equipment for bicycle cleaning
First Aid kit
Information board Cyclists Welcome
Transport of bicyclists and luggage
Availability of picnic areas near the tents, possibly roofed or covered
Adequate lighting of access roads within the camp site
Rental options for tents or bungalows
Sales of bicycling and tourist maps of the surroundings
Offer of one-day bicycle trips in the surroundings
List of "Cyclist Welcome" accommodation options in the region
Booking service for the next accommodation in a bicycle-friendly establishment
Internet access
Information materials in other languages
Recharging e-bikes


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