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Hotel Bobík - Konopné lázně

Náměstí 325, Volary
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Bohemian countryside between Boubin and confluence of warm and cold river Vltava dominated by Bobik.

 Náměstí 325, Volary
Bohemian countryside between Boubin and confluence of warm and cold river Vltava dominated by Bobik. Name Bobik there are two times. The first time it is mountain peak with very visible characteristic silhouette. And the second time it is modern hotel of the same name on Volary square next to the church of St. Catherine.

The Golden Salt Trail passed through the town. Today reborn hotel lies at the crossroads. Which aims to Lipno lake (it’ the dam), in the heart of the National Park Sumava, the upper flow of river Vltava or in neighboring Bavaria and nearby Austria.

Bobík City hotel underwent a major transformation and modernization. Its offer quality and uniqueness is based on linking hemp exceptional spa, superb cuisine and the hotel's own microbrewery. Which make yeast beer for our restaurant.

The hotel's cuisine is based on the proven and popular local and regional food producers. The menu features dishes prepared according to Czech recipes tested over time, but are prepared according to the latest trends in modern gastronomy.

Restaurants microbrewery Hotel Bobik has brewhouse and fermenting cellar located directly in the interior of the restaurant so guests can cook and watch the emergence of beers with your own eyes. Cook light and dark lager pilsner, bottom-fermented and unfiltered, therefore the best live beer. Of course the offer Volary gold or bitter herbal drinks produced according to original recipes and presented in a unique bottle (available only in Volary!).
Offer of drinks catering to the needs of bicyclists incl. at least one refreshing "bicycledrink", fruit and herbal teas
Offer of at least one warm vegetarian non-fried meal during the entire opening time. The food offer must also contain meals with low content of fat (e.g. whole wheat pasta, vegetables, fruits)
Bicycle storage (coverable) in reach of guests, lockable storage/boxes for free bicycle and luggage parking
Provide basic bicycle repair tools for simple bicycle repair
First Aid kit
Information board Cyclists Welcome
Offer of lunch packets
Internet access
Recharging e-bikes


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