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Galerie Středočeského kraje

Barborská 51-53, Kutná Hora
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The gallery is located in Kutna Hora, a historic city with a convenient location that makes it accessible from all corners of the country.

 Barborská 51-53, Kutná Hora
The gallery is located in Kutna Hora, a historic city with a convenient location that makes it accessible from all corners of the country.

GASK - Central Bohemian Gallery is housed in the Jesuit College in Kutna Hora. Is an institution focused its collection and exhibition program on the visual arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. As an institution established in 1963 under the name Central Bohemian Gallery, in the years 1993 to 2009 continued as the Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague under the name GASK - Central Bohemian Gallery has existed since 2009.

In the premises of three wings on two floors Jesuit variables held exhibitions and is also the new permanent exhibition of our collection. On the site of most accessible - on the ground floor rails exhibiting the work of young artists and how artists working with traditional artistic media such as painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, as well as experimental work using the latest technological and scientific knowledge in the audiovisual and multimedia sector joining VJ -ing, video mapping and interactive sound and light sculpture. In connection with the designer's shop has its place and Czech design, oscillating on the border between free art, situated in the area called Whitebox.

GASK presents modern and contemporary art sensitively and inspiring komponovanými exposures. We continue the mission of a Jesuit college education as a house that collection and all of the program is measured by the authentic truth of the testimony and arrange their message in the form closest to the people of today. Our Instructor Exhibition Center prepares programs and workshops in the same spirit. We also provide a broad background of researchers, Conferences and Symposiums.
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