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Galerie Klatovy / Klenová

Klenová 1, Klenová
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Exposure exhibition and collecting activities particularly in the field of Czech modern art.

 Klenová 1, Klenová
Exposure exhibition and collecting activities particularly in the field of Czech modern art.

Klenová District Gallery was founded in 1964. The first director was appointed Klatovský painter Vladimir Levora, who was responsible for making available then a desolate castle. Gallery started to build their own collection.

Contemporary Gallery Klatovy / was in direct connection with the November events in 1989 year. At that time managed to "carve out" on the ground floor no. 149 / I on Klatovy Square, where there was a town museum exhibition of the history of the labor movement, and organize a photo exhibition here from November demonstrations. In the same spirit was carried on his second show, which presented photographs of Soviet occupation in r. Since 1968 followed by other actions, which already had a purely artistic nature, it was decided that the exhibition activities in these areas receive an official character. A suitable solution proved conjunction with the gallery at the castle Klenová, which at that time was part of the museum. An independent institution with a new name Galerie Klatovy - Klenová, which came under new founder - Ministry of Culture.

In recent years, the gallery has publicized the more attractive of guided tours of the castle area and seeks to further revisions and broader public tenders.

We also offer accommodation in the grounds of the castle Klenová - 4 bedrooms. There is a communal kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and stove. We also provide a suitable environment for wedding receptions, together with the ceremony at the castle Klenová, as well as for other types of social events. Opening times vary according to season, accurate info can be found on the website.
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