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About us

We are carefully selecting bike friendly places. Whether it is accommodation, gastronomy or tips for trips we always want that you and your bicycle to be well taken care of. That’s why all recommended services in this web site must bear the certificate Cyclists Welcome.
We are aware of the fact that the needs of cycle tourists are steadily growing. We care whether you park your bike in a restaurant or in a pension without worries, whether you can find a basic repairs set and in an accommodation the possibility to wash and dry your clothing or your bike or to charge your e-bike.

Certified cycle friendly services

On your cycle trips you will recognize certified services by the logo with the smiling bicycle on green background. You can be sure here that you will be well taken care of as cyclist.

Cyclists Welcome in Czechia guaranteed by public benefit company Partnerství, o.p.s.

The quality certification of cycling friendly services is nation-wide certification scheme and it is meant for accommodations, restaurants, camp sites as well as tourist attractions. We are searching for partners who can provide perfect ambient for cycle tourists and their bikes. Our certification is similar to the German Bett & Bike or Lower Austrian RADfreundliche Betriebe certifications. Our public benefit company Partnerství, o.p.s. has been certifying businesses since 2005 and guarantees its quality. We have more than thousand businesses in our Cyclists Welcome database throughout the entire country.

Our Cyclists Welcome Team in Czechia

Dominika Bäuchelová

Dominika Bäuchelová

Coordinator and evaluator Cyclists Welcome for Moravia, Silesia

 +420 603 714 331
Věra Miňovská

Věra Miňovská

Coordinator and promoter Cyclists Welcome for Bohemia

 +420 775 898 248
Radek Patrný

Radek Patrný

Cooperation with regions, coordinator Nord Bohemia and Elbe cycle route in Czechia

 +420 774 676 139
Daniel Mourek

Daniel Mourek

Long-distance cycle route coordinator for Czechia

 +420 736 747 361

Cyclists Welcome certifications in other European countries